Evan Mayer Designs opened its virtual doors in 2015 and, since it's inception, has taken on clients from every background. From personal actor pages to composing team, directors to producers, photographers to creative directors, I pride myself on being able to build a site for anyone. I love getting to know my clients on a personal level to ensure a site built for their specific needs and to highlight their individual brand.


Take a look around to see some of my past work and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 


I look forward to our collaboration! 

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For Tyler I created a site to showcase the four facets of his photography business: portraits, urban landscapes, product branding, and real estate. I wanted a user-friendly layout to create an easy way to peruse his different galleries. In addition, we opened up his online store for viewers to purchase prints and digital downloads. 

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With such a beautifully eclectic resume, it was important to highlight all aspects of Michael's career - theatrical, television, and special events. I designed a visually stimulating page that showcased his incredible work in each category. It was important to maintain a user friendly format since there was a lot of information to present. 

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We had so much amazing material to work with for Karen's site. As a creative director, she worked on incredible campaigns including many Maybelline lines, San Pelligrino, Bayer, and much more. She's worked with Oprah, Gigi Hadid, and Jennifer Lopez. It was important to present all the work with her personal flair and give the viewer an accurate idea of the scope of her talents. 

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The possibilities were endless with Darilyn's site. Since Darilyn has such a unique personality, I thought it was important to make her page stand out from the crowd. With her new EP dropping, it was imperative to lean more towards the vibe of a music artist more so than a musical theatre performer. I used new techniques to ensure a site that would pop off the screen. 

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As a Japanese American, I wanted to pay homage to Riza's Asian roots. I was able to create a bright and fun color scheme that embraced her bubbly personality. Additionally, I added Japanese translations throughout the pages to appeal to her wide audience. 

Darrell is such a star! With an extensive dance background and ambitions that put even the most motivated people to shame, I wanted to design a site that showcased  his amazing drive. Dive in and explore his beautiful dance photos and make sure to check out his teaching page which highlights his love for educating young minds!

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For Raquel's site I wanted to create a simple yet comprehensive look into her career. We organized a single page site for the viewer to scroll through the different sections. Take a look here to see my take on the single page format.