When we’re born, there is an innate curiosity to explore the unknown. Our days are filled with wonder as we experience things for the first time. But as we grow up, we form routines, we settle into schedules and suddenly the world that used to be filled with wonder becomes mundane, monotonous, ordinary. Traveling brings out that inner child who’s been lying dormant all these years. There is no other option to explore a new city other than with eyes wide open; taking in what you experience with each of your senses like a sponge- the glorious smells of a French bakery to the garbage lined streets of New York, the sounds of a language you don’t understand to the bells chiming for morning prayer, the taste of homemade Italian pasta to fried scorpion from a Chinese street vendor. When you’re in a new place, your senses are on high alert. Your prior judgments begin to disappear. Things that might have scared or bothered you at home get a second chance. As long as you remain flexible and open to change, you can unlock a whole new world where the possibilities are endless.  


As a long time traveler and self proclaimed “culture junkie,” I’ve learned the immeasurable value of submersing oneself in another’s culture and humanizing the experience of walking in someone else’s shoes. It has become my mission to help spark a travel revolution and inspire others to learn the beauty and importance of international travel. Over the past decade I have explored countless countries around the world and have become addicted to adventuring through unknown territory. I am constantly being approached with questions about how I plan my trips and recommendations from my past travels. This page is my dedicated platform to share what I’ve learned along the way and encourage others to take the leap. 



Click for a look at my 12 day Jamaican itinerary. In this post I'll highlight my experiences and recommendations in Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Treasure Beach, the Blue Mountains, and Kingston!

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December 2019

Explore my first post, where I highlight a step by step procedure for planning your first big trip. I'll walk you through my experience planning a last minute 12 day itinerary through Jamaica and how to wrap your mind around the seemingly endless amount of information on the internet. This is your one stop shop to calm your fears and inspire your next brainstorming session.